Fruit Spotlight - Peaches

Fresh peaches are in season now. Let us guide you through the season so you know what to expect.

Florida peaches are the first to be ready each year. A lot of farmers are turning to peaches instead of oranges because of disease.

California peaches start in early May. In stores, they tend to be more round and red.

Southern Peaches from Georgia and South Carolina  tend to come to a point at the end.

Midwestern state like Michigan start harvesting around the middle of July.

Idaho peaches come late in the year and are really good in the early fall.

Early season peaches tend to be clingstone, where the pit clings to the fruit

Freestone peaches come later in the season. These are easier to make pies or jam with.

Look for peaches with these little spots on the skin. They are sugar spots and mean this is a sweet peach!

Check our blog to find out when peaches are in season in your area.