Save Your Broccoli Before It's Too Late!

No one likes to waste the food they paid their hard earned money for. Let's look at broccoli to see when to save it and when to toss it.

When broccol turns yellow it takes on a very bitter flavor that is not appetizing.

Why does this happen? Because the chlorophyll breaks down, similar to how leaves change color in the fall.

Don't worry if you find purple broccoli or if it has a purplish hue. Some varieties are naturally like that!

What can you do next time to avoid this fate? Freeze your broccoli! if you are concerning it will go bad before you can use it up.

I discovered that frozen broccoli that I put in the air fryer actually came out better than using fresh.

The reason why is that the broccoli cooked more evenly as the stems got tender faster after being frozen first.

– Air fry at 375 degrees for 10 minutes. – Check after 5 minutes. Stop and shake the basket. If the tops are getting brown too quickly, then reduce to 350  to finish. 

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