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Steamed Purple Sweet Potatoes

Simple to make steamed purple sweet potatoes. Done in 20 minutes.
Course Side Dish
Cuisine American
Keyword steamed, sweet potato
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes


  • 2 medium to large Stokes Purple Sweet Potatoes
  • 2-4 tablespoons butter
  • kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste


  • Peel your sweet potatoes, then cube them.
  • Place them into your steamer basket (see notes if you don't have one) and steam them until fork tender
  • You could eat them as is, or you could mash them up with a fork, then mix in butter, salt, and black pepper to taste.


If you don't have any special steaming equipment just take a pot that you had a lid for place a mesh strainer over top. Add the sweet potatoes. Fill the pot with enough water to just come underneath the potatoes. Add the lid. Bring the water to a boil, then turn down to simmer. Cook until tender.
You could also place the finished potatoes into a pan with a couple tablespoons of oil, and pan fry the potatoes until just browned. Should only take a few minutes.