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What is Eat Like No One Else

Greetings! I’m Eric. And this is my passion in blog form known as Eat Like No One Else. I love food in all it’s form and varieties. I love learning more about food and sharing that knowledge with my virtual audience – that’s you 🙂

So what is this concept that I call “Eat Like No One Else“? It’s my own personal food revolution. I don’t want to just eat what most people are eating. We can do better than the average or the norm.


  • By knowing how to choose the best foods 🍑 in our stores and markets.
  • By cooking 🍲 more food –  at home – from scratch – in our kitchens.
  • By being educated 🎒 about where are food comes from and what it really is.

The end goal is that you will be eating food that is better for you, better tasting, and overall more fun 😋

Your Education Begins Here

How to Eat Like No One Else

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8 Replies to “About Us”

  1. I found your blog after doing a search for purple snap peas. I am actually attempting to currently grow some in my yard (I live in Texas). If you do not already know, Seed Savers Exchange sells seeds for them. I also grew some Dragon carrots, and they had a VERY strong, almost spicy flavor!

  2. janet peters says:

    Hi eric, Going to make your yeast rolls for thanksgiving, they look so yummy!
    Which is Costco’s best seasonal turkey gravy? Many thanks, Jan

  3. Eric Samuelson says:

    Thanks Janet. They are indeed yummy.

    As for the gravy, I only ever make my own gravy from scratch. Here is the gravy that I usually make – https://www.eatlikenoone.com/overnight-giblet-gravy.htm

  4. Hello, Your note about the origin of satsuma mandarin being Japan is not correct. It’s of Chinese origin, wiki has it right. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citrus_unshiu

  5. Hi Eric, just came across your blog today and LOVE how many of my eating/food shopping bases you’re tagging!

    Quick question: last January – and too late in the season to do me any good – I heard that Costco carries an amazing (possibly Kirkwood brand?) eggnog during the winter holiday months. I have a couple swell recipes for homemade ‘nog, but am always on the lookout for a good pre-made commercial one that’s not loaded with artificial flavors and other miscellaneous goop which I can either doctor up myself or simply put a slug of into my morning coffee (Step aside, half-and-half!)

    I just searched ‘eggnog’ here on your site and came up blank, so I’m wondering if you or your readers do have any leads, @ Costco or otherwise, on which ‘grocery-store’ eggnog brands you favor, if any?

  6. A BIG HELLO!! loved all the great info cant wait to try some of your ideas.

  7. Eric Samuelson says:

    Thank you so much!! Glad you found me. Let me know what ideas you try.

  8. Kathryn McMorrow says:

    This orange had piqued my interest! Tastes flavorful 🙂 yet majority of supermarket produce increasingly doesn’t. 🙁

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