Calypso Mandarin Lemonade

(Last Updated On: May 21, 2010)

Calypso Mandarin Lemonade

Next up on my taste journey through “the islands” it is Calypso’s Mandarin lemonade. The ingredient list doesn’t give us any more information on the mandarin half of this drink, just saying it includes natural flavors besides the lemon juice. Was the combining of these two citrus flavors a good move?

3stars Not really, I didn’t think this was a really good flavor. I think it was one of the more tart flavors, but I really couldn’t distinguish between the mandarin and lemon flavors. I would be no means say it was awful, it just wasn’t up to par with some of the other lemonades produce by the King Juice Company. I still gave it three stars because it wasn’t awful tasting. A drink has to get at least 4 stars for me to purchase it again.

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