cow_clipart Question: What is Angus beef?

Answer: You may seen a restaurant advertising they have burgers or steaks made from Angus or Black Angus beef. So what does this exactly mean? Angus is a breed of cattle. Just like there are breeds of dogs, there are breeds of cows. Some people feel that the meat of these cows produce better beef products. Black Angus is a black Angus cow. There are also Red Angus cows, but the black is seen as the better cow for beef.

What is Certified Angus Beef (CAB)?
Certified Angus Beef is beef that has gone through a certification process. It has to meet certain qualifications that are determined by a certification board. The qualifications have to do with their marbling and maturity of the meat, the size of the meat, and quality control. Beef that meets all the requirements is then labeled “Certified Angus Beef” or CAB. Is this truly better beef? That is up to the taste buds of the consumer. I can tell you that this certification process is not free. So if something isn’t labeled CAB, it doesn’t mean that the beef can’t come from an Angus cow it just wasn’t certified. Some farms choose to skip this to save money,


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