Early Flamin Fury Peaches

Early Flamin Fury Peach – PF1

Yesterday afternoon, I visited the Saline Farmer’s Market and was delighted to see Michigan grown peaches there. The peaches I bought are from Kapnick Orchards, one of the vendors I reguarly buy from. These peaches selling for $4 a quart had a sign next to them calling them “Flamin’ Fury”. I thought, wow that’s an exciting name. So I bought those peaches and head for my computer to look up what a flamin’ fury peach was. Here is what I found out about them:

1. Flamin’ Fury is not just one variety. It is a category of 25 different varieties of peaches. The varieties were created by Paul Friday, a Michigan peach breeder. The different varieties mature over a 15 week period, providing a long season for those that grow the different varieties. I do not know the exact variety of Flamin’ Fury peaches that I purchased, but it must be among the early varieties.

2. The names of each variety starts with a PF. Click here for a table with a listing of each variety and the number of days is it is harvested before or after the popular red haven peach is typically harvested. I am guessing I might have purchased a PF 7 or 8 because it is still about 2 weeks or so from red haven peaches being ready.

3. The one I had was a clingstone peach.

4. You can find Flamin’ Fury peaches in all peach growing states as well as Canada and South Africa.

My Experience with this Peach (Rating Scale 1-10)
Acidity: 6
Peach Flavor: 10
Sweetness: 6
Juiciness: 10

Overall Feeling: This was a wonderful peach. One of the strongest genuine peach flavors I have ever had. Sometimes you buy peaches and all they taste like is this the sugar you put on them. Because of the strong flavors this peaches would be excellent to make ice cream or sorbet with. The peach was also incredibility juicy. If you just bit into without cutting it you would end up with juice all over your shirt. Overall, this is the best peach I have had yet this year.

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