Release of [Eat Like No One Else] This Spring

(Last Updated On: March 20, 2016)


Today is another very exciting day here at Eat Like No One Else. It’s the release day for the 1st book in my brand new series of e-books [Eat Like No One Else] This… Since today is the Vernal Equinox (or more simply put 1st day of spring), I am announcing the release of [Eat Like No One Else] This Spring. I have taken all the best spring time information from the blog, including shopping tips and recipes, and packed them into an easy to read e-book that you can purchase and download to your favorite device. To learn more about the book and see some page previews check out my sales page. If you are super gun-ho, you can click the button below and buy it now!

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I am excited to bring this new series to life. Each 1st day of a season I will be launching a new book until this year is over. Then starting in 2017 I will be updating those books with new information that I gain over the course of the year. I hope these books will bless you and help you to enjoy seasonal eating at it’s finest. Thanks for your support.