Restaurant Impossible Follow-Up — Ristorante Barolo (Aptos, CA) Closed

(Last Updated On: August 28, 2013)

On this episode, Robert tries to help out an Italian family turn around their restaurant which is part of a hotel. This couple have made a career being “restaurant flippers”. Instead of flipping houses they have flipped restaurant. But their latest attempt is not going well.

Ristorante Barolo | Click here for the restaurant’s website

Frustration and anger seem to be one of the restaurant’s biggest issues. Giovanni, the father of the family, has some major anger issues in the kitchen. It seems to be affecting his food. He send out some gnocchi that was raw and doughy. He has another cook (his brother) in his kitchen that knows the recipe is flawed and can do it the right way. To be a good cook you have to be willing to learn. I have come up with some great recipes on my own, but I learned techniques from different sources and was willing to change my methods. Be open and keep learning when it comes to food. There is always more to learn.

The Recipes

No recipes listed for this episode.

business_closed_sign_pageThey decided to sell the restaurant so Ristorante Barolo is no more. A new restaurant opened up in it’s place called Booka Restaurant & Bar. The hotel is still owned by the family featured in this episode.

My Original Follow-Up
Three months after the show airead, they are reporting that sales have increased by 37%. Atilio continues to run the kitchen. From the reviews I read online people have loved the food. It was a great decision putting the brother in charge of the kitchen. However it seems he is the only good person they have on staff. I read a number of reviews of being complaining about the service, especially it being too slow. This issue was seen in the episode and was never addressed. Robert has a lot to take on in 2 days you can’t do everything. This place is suffering from bad service and management and but the food is carrying them through. Great food can overcome those problems in the short time, but one really bad experience will drive regular away and this place may end up going under after all. Still a lot of work to be done indeed.

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