Saline Farmer’s Market

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2010)

Saline Farmer's Market If you are looking for a good quality small town farmer’s market, the one in Saline, Michigan is a great choice. Since it’s a smaller market it’s easier to get in and get out of then the larger, very busy Ann Arbor market up the road. It’s also very easy to walk around to each vendor with plenty of moving space. The smaller market also allows a greater opportunity to speak with the vendors and find out more about what you are buying. Among the things you can buy there regularly:

1. Apple cider & apple products
2. Baked goods from Ed’s Bread as well as a couple other vendors
3. Pepperoni rolls
4. Fresh cheese including mozzarella
5. There is a vendor that always has a great selection of herbs and greens.

Of course the vegetables, fruit, and flowers when in season. Also there are master gardeners on site that are awaiting your gardening questions.

The Saline Farmer’s market is located in downtown Saline, every Saturday in May throught October. The time is 8am-noon. You can park in the lot right near the farmer’s market, or if that is full and it often is, you can find street parking on nearby Henry St. or park in the lot across from the market.

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  3. […] got to try my first pear variety of the season – the Moonglow pear. I purchased them from the Saline Farmer’s Market. The vendor said he has to pick these pears earlier than he wanted because they were being blown […]

  4. […] of the mid-season varieties is the Canadian Harmony peach. I purchased some from a vendor at the Saline Farmer’s Market. The harmony peach is large freestone peach. As the name would suggest this variety was developed […]

  5. […] seem to be getting bigger and bigger. I found some of the biggest peaches I have ever had at the Saline Farmer’s Market, recently. The vendor said the variety was called Lawrence, which is a type of Loring peach. […]

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