The Best Black Cherry Cream Soda (Henry Weinhard’s)

When it comes to the soft drink world, the term “artificial” is commonly found on ingredient lists. There are a lot of “fruit drinks” that barely resemble the fruit listed on the label of the bottle. That is why it’s always refreshing to me when I find a carbonated drink that does contain actual, natural fruit flavor (even in the presence of the artifical). Henry Weinhard’s Black Cherry Cream is flavored using Oregon Bing cherries, black cherries, black raspberries, and bourbon vanilla. Just reading the label around the neck of the bottle gives me high hopes about this drink. But the biggest question of all is will my wife like this drink? She dislikes anything that tastes like cherry cough syrup.

This is one delicious soda! The best black cherry soda on the market (at least that I have had). It has a complex flavor that does taste like real cherries. The vanilla helps give it it’s creamy flavor. My wife took a sip of it and wanted to keep the bottle for herself. The carbonation is also perfect. Henry Weinhard’s does such a fabulous job of carbonating their beverages, so that it doesn’t overwhelm the flavor, but adds to the experience.

Old 52 General Store The Old 52 General Stores carries 3 Henry Weinhard’s flavors: Black Cherry Cream, Root Beer, and Orange Cream. You can purchase these drinks online or at their store in Sabin, Minnesota.


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