Upcoming New Good Eats Episodes in October

(Last Updated On: September 23, 2010)

good_eats_logo If you are an avid reader of this site, you will know that I am a big Good Eats fan. So much of how I cook and shop for food is because of what I learned by watching Alton Brown. So I am excited whenever I hear of any episodes coming up. Today I found out three episodes that will be airing in the month of October. And they are:

Fry Hard III: Fry, Tempura, Fry! (airing October 7, 2010)
Oat Cuisine II (airing October 14, 2010)
All Hallows Eats (airing October 28, 2010)

I am looking forward to seeing what else Alton is going to do with oats. The “All Hallows Eats” show will revolve around pumpkins. He covered pumpkins earlier in his squash show, but not in a much detail. When you think of October you think of pumpkins so I am interested in seeing what he will do with them.

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