What Brand of Kosher Salt Does Alton Brown Use?

(Last Updated On: December 11, 2010)

Anyone that has ever watched any episodes of Good Eats would know that Alton Brown is a HUGE fan of kosher salt. He uses it pretty much every time a recipe calls for salt. You might be wondering what brand of kosher salt does Alton use? Well he never says anything about the brand on any of the shows. However there is a video of him endorsing Diamond Crystal kosher salt. He likes it because they don’t take shortcuts. Some companies take regular old table salt and just break it into pieces to form “kosher salt”. But Diamond Crystal processes the salt naturally to form a flaky salt. Below you will find the video from YouTube of him explaining why he likes Diamond Crystal. Also if you visit their website you can find more videos of Alton, teaching Salt 101.

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  1. Alton Brown has said something during one of his shows concerning brands of Kosher Salt. Sorry I can not remember which episode. Guess that would be an excuse to watch all of them.
    Diamond is the only brand that is just salt. No additives. This is why you can pickle and can with it. Morton Salt contains an anti-caking agent. This would make your pickles and canning cloudy and could leave an off taste.

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