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citrus-season-passportWhat is the Citrus Season Passport?

No More Flavorless, Sour Fruit!

This is a handy dandy guide we created to help you find the best tasting varieties of citrus throughout the peak of the California citrus season (December to May). Each month we recommend what we think is the best, most flavorful fruit you will find in the grocery store or market. These are the peak of season picks. For each variety I share a little background information that will get you excited to try.

The most fun part is at the very end. We have a “passport” that you can print off and use as a guide to challenge you to find the best citrus this season.

citrus-season-passportInstructions on How to Download Your Passport

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citrus-season-passportDon’t Miss A Thing!

The email you entered will be used to help share with you what is going on throughout the citrus season. We will , so you won’t miss a thing! We will announce whenever we start finding certain varieties at stores. I will also include citrus-related recipes as well as share information on other varieties that didn’t make the passport but would be worth your time. We want to help you complete your Citrus Season Passport!

citrus-season-passportHow to Stamp Your Passport

If each variety you find, place the PLU sticker from the fruit onto your passport. See if you can get all the stickers. You will be rewarded with having great tasting fruit in your house all season long. Your friends, family, and guests will be jealous!

citrus-season-passportWhy Is This Guide Free?

It brings us great joy to help people find good tasting food, especially fruit. Who doesn’t want to have better tasting food in your kitchen. We are giving you the knowledge that we have gathered over many citrus seasons. We I also want more consumers to buy these varieties to increase demand and to force the citrus industry into growing better tasting, higher quality fruit.

citrus-season-passportSpread the Word

Spread the word!. Use the hashtag #citruspassport on all your social media platforms. I would love to see your photos of what you are finding and eating.

Attention citrus growers, packers, shippers, stores, etc. 

We would love to get the citrus industry involved with the campaign. Reach out to me (eric at and I can send you my media kit for the Citrus Season passport. There are potential advertising opportunities available. I would love to work with you!

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