Cocoa Metro Belgian Chocolate Milk Review

(Last Updated On: May 23, 2017)

Ah chocolate milk. Does it get anymore comforting? Even when it’s not great, it’s still good. But when it actually is great, woah. Mind blowing woah! Before I was adult I had my share of chocolate milk, either store brand, Nestle, or whole milk with syrup added to it. While I liked those things, none of ever blowed my mind. Until I was an adult and sought out the best. This past week, I found one of the best – Cocoa Metro Belgian Chocolate Milk from my local Whole Foods Market.

Who is Cocoa Metro?

The company behind this life changing chocolate treat formed out of a love for chocolate. The company founders, Mike and Lizzy are chocolate fanatics. So much so that they planned vacations around promixity to cocao plantations. That is a serious foodie. I have to admit I have planned vacations around food, actually pretty much every vacation I do has something to do with food (ex. trip to California to eat Ojai Pixies off the tree). At the very root of this company is a love for chocolate. Besides the milk, they also offer drinking chocolate, cocoa powder as well as body care product like lip balm and lotion bars.

Cocoa Metro Chocolate Milk

Why is Their Milk So Good?

Simple. The chocolate. This isn’t like putting syrup in your mouth, this like drinking chocolate. So rich. So chocolaty. Not too sweet at all. Just perfectly good to the last drop (and when you drink this stuff, that last drop comes way too fast). Loved, loved, loved it!

The milk contains cocoa, vanilla, real sugar – not HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), milk of course. In order to keep the cocoa from not settling in a clump at the bottom of the bottle, carob bean gum is added. It makes up less than 1% of the contents of the milk. Carob bean gum also called locust bean gum is dervied from the seeds of a carob tree. It doesn’t add any flavor to the milk and was chosen as an alternative to carrageenan, which some consumers are concerned about. I found a website that I thought did an excellent job explaining each of these in a non threatening, non alarmist way. Read more about carraggenan and carob bean gum.

Back to the fun stuff. This chocolate milk is worth seeking out especially if you all you ever known is store brand or the popular national brands. Cocoa Metro Belgian Chocolate Milk is so good, that a picture of it should appear to the word decadent in the dictionary.

To find Cocoa Metro Belgian Chocolate Milk in your area, check out their store locator. Stores include Whole Foods, Fresh Market, Gelson’s, Sprouts, Bristol Farms, and more.