Flowering Brussels Sprouts (from Johnny’s)

(Last Updated On: January 11, 2012)

I love looking at the new seed catalogs and see what kinds of neat things they have come up with now. Yesterday, I spoke about the white strawberries you could buy from Burpee. Today’s unique discovery is Flowering Brussels Sprouts. They are a combination of kale and Brussels sprouts. They grow on a stalk just like any other Brussels sprout, except the sprouts open up like flowers to resemble like mini kale.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds are the offering these for the first time this year. You get the seeds as part of their Kaleidoscope Mix, which includes 3 different colors. The drawback to these flowering sprouts is that they aren’t as cold tolerant as their kale and Brussels sprouts counterparts.

I am not planning to try these myself this year. I am going to try growing Brussels sprouts for the first time this year, but I want to stick with some a little more traditional. I would love to give them a try sometime.

2 Replies to “Flowering Brussels Sprouts (from Johnny’s)”

  1. These look super cool! Never heard of them before today! Think I may have to order some for next fall/winter!

  2. Eric Samuelson says:

    Not only do they look super cool, they are super tasty. I haven’t grown them myself but was fortunate to find some last year and they were yummy.

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