HOTLIPS Raspberry Soda

HOTLIPS Raspberry Soda I love being able to pick my own fruit. One of the fruits I pick every year is raspberries. HOTLIPS Soda out of Portland, Oregon is trying to capture that fresh picked raspberry flavor in a bottle of soda pop. Their raspberries soda, like all their drinks contains real fruit. The ingredient list is pretty straight forward: carbonated water, Willamette Valley raspberries, cane sugar, and organic lemon juice. Nothing I can’t pronounce. 14% of the contents of the bottle is fruit. That percentage is 0% for just about every other carbonated drink available.

HOTLIPS themselves had this to say about the drink: “HOTLIPS RASPBERRY Soda has a bright, clear flavor, shouting in all glory of peak Oregon summer. A favorite with kids, it is rich and light at the same time—the radiance of the color matched only by the explosion of berry flavor. The raspberries for our soda are grown in Western Oregon, picked at peak freshness, and minimally handled before getting into the bottles.”

4stars They made a drink that brings me back to my summer picking days. If you have never had a fresh raspberry, if you drank HOTLIPS you could basically say you have. The only negative thing I will say about this drink is that the flavor isn’t as strong as I would like. Maybe it’s just because I am use to making fresh raspberry sorbet which has a really strong raspberry taste. It’s still delicious, very much worthy of 4 stars.

Where to Buy
You can purchase HOTLIPS Raspberry Soda directly from the company. Click here to go to their website. You can buy them in singles, a 6-pack, and a case of 12.

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  1. […] overwhelmed by the carbonation. It is not overly sweet. It doesn’t taste as authentic as HOTLIPS Raspberry but I like it a lot better than the raspberry soda I have gotten at Whole Foods under the 365 […]

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