How to Grow Snow Crown Cauliflower

(Last Updated On: May 9, 2011)

When it comes to gardening, I like to grow something new each year. For the first time this year I will be growing cauliflower. Particularly Snow Crown Cauliflower. I am giving a test run this year, so I only have 3 plants. If I find it to be successful I will grow more next year. I have had success growing some of cauliflower’s cousins – broccoli and to a lesser extent, cabbage.

When to Plant
Cauliflower is a cold season crop. So as you would with broccoli or cabbage, you can plant cauliflower once the soil is ready for planting. You can also plant it in mid summer for a fall harvest. When it begins showing the sign of a head, you need to tie the leaves to cover the head, otherwise the head will turn yellow and not be that beautiful, pure white color you are looking for. Some varieties of cauliflower naturally cover themselves with their leaves, but Snow Crown Cauliflower is not one of those varieties.

Starting Seeds Outdoors/Transplanting
Cauliflower can be grown from seeds or transplant. Since this was my first time growing it, I opt for just buying plants. I might consider seeds next year. You could also try to get a head start and start them indoors, but so far I haven’t had much success with starting cauliflower’s other family members indoors. The plants always seem to be leggy.

Expected Harvest
A harvest can be expected in 50 days. So I should be harvesting my cauliflower right around the beginning of summer, before it gets too hot (I hope!). Unlike broccoli, cauliflower does not produce any additional side shoots.