Jackson Hole Soda Co. Buckin’ Root Beer

(Last Updated On: August 27, 2010)

Jackson Root Beer I never get tired of trying new root beers. I was excited to give the Jackson Hole Soda Company’s version a try. The bottle has an interesting picture of a bull with a man flying through the air as if he was just nailed by the bull. I think it gives off the idea that this root beer is not for the faint of heart and that is packs a real kick.

2stars And it surely does pack a real kick. That kick comes from the strong anise flavor that this root beer contains. In my opinion it is way too much. There is also a citrus undertone that my wife noticed that she wasn’t a big fan of. The carbonation was borderline too much. As for foamy head, it didn’t really have much. Overall I was disappointed in this product, especially since I liked their sarsaparilla so much.

Where to Buy
Brennan’s in Madison, WI
Fred Meyer in Burien, WA (Seattle area) *** NOTE May also be found at other Fred Meyer stores, leave a comment if you can confirm that or any other location.

Want to Buy It Online?
Old 52 General Store has Buckin’ Root Beer and other Jackson Hole Soda flavors available to buy from their online store.

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