New Vegetable Seeds from Burpee for 2010


Now that it is January, it’s time to start thinking about seeds. Yes I live in a northern state where snow is currently on the ground. But now is the time to do your research so that when it’s time to plant your vegetables you are all ready to do so.

When it comes to buying vegetable seeds, Burpee is my favorite company. They have a wide selection and there seed packs give you all the information you need. I received an e-mail from them last week advertising their new varieties they have for 2010. In this post I am going to mention some that sound interesting.

Bush Bean Beananza

These french green beans are suppose to be twice as prolific as most other green beans. They are also slender and stringless.

Pea RSVPea

These peas were made in mind of those that live in cooler climates of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. They purpose about 7-8 peas per pod.

Tomato Orange Wellington

These tomatoes can weight up to 12 oz. They are orange in color and have a nearly seedless flesh.

Tomato Cherries Jubilee

In one season this plants can produce hundreds of small sweet cherry tomatoes.

Tomato Big Pink

Looks like Burpee has a tomato in every color this year. This pink tomato is said to be ideal for sandwiches, burgers, and salads.

Garlic Silver Rose

This garlic is said to be a fast grower with a mild flavor. If handed properly, it can be braided, and keep for 6 months!

Soybean Be Sweet 292

The claim on this one is that it is one of the highest yielding edible soybeans for home gardens. Each pod contains 2-3 beans.

Carrot Super Root

If your looking for larger carrots, this one can grow to 8 inches. It’s a good choice for those that want to make some carrot juice.

Cauliflower Colored Mix

For all the cauliflower fans, this is a mix of seeds that will give white, purple, green, and yellow colored cauliflower. These will look beautiful on in your bowl.

Potato Rose Finn Apple

This is a fingerling potato with a yellow flesh and rose color skin. At first glance I thought these were sweet potatoes.

Potato Russian Banana

I picked up an organic version of these potatoes at a grocery store recently and they had a great buttery taste to them. There are a fingerling variety.

Zucchini Green Tiger

These zucchini look really nice with striples, that remind me of a watermelon. They also are said to be the best tasting.

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