Old 52 General Store

Old 52 One of the things that I love to do on this website is post reviews for different, unique beverages that I find. Usually I find a couple things at one store, a few at another, etc. But I discovered a place where you can find more than just a couple unique drinks. This place is the Old 52 General Store in Sabin, Minnesota. They have over 300 flavors of bottled soda pop waiting for your enjoyment! They have classic brands from years long ago, like Nesbitt’s, NuGrape, and Nehi as well as the hip brands of today like Jones, Reed’s, and Virgil’s. Not only do they have these wonderful creations, but they also have an old fashioned soda fountain, where you can buy the classic Phosphate, among other flavors. They also sell ice cream, take and bake pizza, Spring Prairie Meats (chicken, beef, ham, bacon, jerky, and more), as well as classic candy.

They are located at 23 Main St, Sabin, MN. Their phone number is 218-233-4600. Click here for their website.

Aren’t in the Sabin, MN area, don’t worry, they have an online store, where you can purchase their drinks and candy.

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