Planting Beuree de Roquencourt Wax Bush Beans

Planting Wax Beans

I grew some wax beans for the first time last season. They were good, but I wasn’t fully satisfied with the type I bought. I felt they got too beany too quickly. So this year I went for something different. I bought a packet from Seeds of Change called Beuree de Roquencourt (that’s a mouthful). They are certified organic and are an heirloom variety. I choose this variety because they produce a stringless pod. I planted my beans in some extra space I had near my broccoli in a raised bed.

When to Plant
After the risk of frost in your area has passed. For me that is actually today May 25th (I live in zone 5). If you want your harvest to go on longer, keeping planting every couple weeks until 8 weeks before the first fall frost.

Days to Germinate
These beans can take 6-14 days to germinate. It all depends on the temperature of your soil.

Planting Depth
Plant your seeds to depth about 1 1/2 inches. I usually push them down until the dirt reaches just above the knuckle of my pointer finger.

Thinning Plants
Once the plants have 4 leaves, it’s time to thin them out. Give each plant about 4 inches of space to grow.

Expected Harvest
Beans are a fast growing crop. I can expect to have my first harvest in about 55-60 days. I planted my beans on Sunday, May 23rd, 2010. So I expect the first harvest to be around Saturday, July 17th.

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