Review of Giada at Home – Cooking with Kids

(Last Updated On: August 26, 2013)

One of the most important/fun things you can do with your kids is cook with them. Share your passion for food with them. At the latest edition of Giada at Home, she shares three recipes make and serve to your kids.

Chocolate-Cranberry Treats | Click here for the recipe

This recipe is for a no-bake cookie with chocolate, brown rice cereal, dried cranberries, and almonds. You get everything ready and then have the kids roll the cookies into the grated chocolate. She uses a cheese grater to grate chocolate, so you better make sure it’s nice and cold before hand otherwise you will have a chocolatey mess! Overall I think this is a good idea that I might play around with in order to better suit my tastes (I don’t like almonds or fruit and chocolate together). It might be fun to make it super chocolaty with some chocolate rice cereal and cocoa nibs!

Cheesy Pastry Puffs | Click here for the recipe

This one will be a real winner with kids. A cheesy cracker in whatever shape your heart desires. I like the herbal addition of oregano to the crackers. A nice homemade alternative to the ever popular Goldfish crackers. If you wanted you could add a little bit of food coloring to make the crackers fit whatever season you are in. I will definitely be giving this recipe a try!

Spaghetti Nests | Click here for the recipe

Spaghetti Nests

Now this is a super duper fun recipe for kids – spaghetti nests. What a creative way to serve your child a favorite. I have already given this recipe a try and we were pleased with the results. My kids loved it! Giada used mini springform pans, which I don’t have. Instead we used a cookie bowl pan and it worked out perfectly. They popped right out with no trouble. I didn’t have spinach on hand when I tried, so next time I will as it adds another flavor and nutrition, plus it makes them look even more appealing. The bite-sized mozzarella was a huge hit with the kids, they weren’t sure if it was an egg or cheese, but were pleasantly surprised when they bit into it.

Overall Giada did a wonderful job of coming up with kid friendly recipes where they can help, show their creativity, and enjoy putting eating. Hopefully this inspires you to begin cooking in the kitchen with your kids! There are so many creative ways to get them involved as Giada showed.