Root Beer Cookies

(Last Updated On: March 8, 2010)

Root Beer Cookies

This is a recipe review, which means this is a recipe that I did not personally come up with, but that I tried out and am giving my opinion on how the recipe turned out. For legal reasons I cannot post these recipes, but I can tell you where you can get them yourself.

A couple months ago, I found some root beer concentrate at Walmart. I thought it might be good for making candy or naturally homemade root beer. I did a search for some ideas other people have had and came across one that was unexpected – root beer cookies. Never did I imagine combining the flavor of root beer and cookies. After reading all the positive reviews people gave the recipe I decided to give it a try myself. Here are my notes on the recipe:

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1. The recipe makes 4 dozen cookies. I didn’t want to make that big of commitment my first time out, so I made a half batch, but just dividing all the ingredients in half.

2. Be careful you use the right amount of root beer concentrate or extract the recipe calls for. The amount the recipe calls for is right on and if you overdo, the flavor will be too overwhelming.

3. The recipe says to use a disher for scooping the cookies. I think that is a great idea. When baking cookies it’s best to have them all the same size, so that you don’t end up with one cookie that is raw in the center, and another that is burnt.

4. Make sure when you are adding the flour, to do it slowly, in increments so that you don’t end up with flour all over your kitchen.

5. I baked my cookies on a Silpat, so removal and clean up was a snap.

6. This was my first time making a frosting, and it was pretty easy to make. Just take your time and get the right consistency you want.

These cookies were great. The root beer flavor was not too overwhelming. When you take a bite you get that nice feeling of the soft cookie in your mouth and then the root beer flavor hits you and it’s like “wow that was surprising”. Everyone I gave one too loved them. And everyone I gave one too also thought they would taste bad.

Click here to get the full recipe and instructions.

Recipe Grade: A-