Walt Churchill’s Market – Maumee, OH

Walt Churchills

The Churchill family have been selling groceries since 1917. I got to visit their store in Maumee, Ohio recently. It’s a beautiful store inside and out. As you walk in you are greeted by beautiful produce. I like it when stores start you with the produce. I am hoping that it will encourage people to spend their budget on fruit and vegetables before getting to the junk food. This day I picked 2 bags of rainbow color baby carrots as a side for my ham dinner on Easter. As you make your way around the store you will find a selection of unique cheeses, sushi, pasta, fresh soups, and more. Their meat section carries a good selection of high quality, grass-fed beef. They carry the popular Niman Ranch beef which comes from cows that are never given any time of hormones and eat a natural diet.

One thing I look for in new grocery stores is unique carbonated beverages. They carry way more than just your Pepsi and Coke products, they had carbonated drinks from Goose Island, Sioux City, and Saranac, just to name a few. I picked up a 6-pack of Saranac Shirley Temple, since I have never tried a bottled Shirley Temple flavored drink before.

Churchill’s has a unique cart that I have not seen before. Several stores have the smaller carts, but Churchill’s is the first place I have seen have a smaller cart that also has a child seat in it, which is perfect for our family.

Walt Churchill’s is a fun market, that you should check out. They have two locations, the one I visited in Maumee on Briarville Blvd, just off of the US-23 exit that takes you to the Ohio Turnpike, the other location is on Dixie Hwy in Perrysburgh.

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