Why Are Vidalia Onions Sweeter Than Other Onions?

(Last Updated On: May 6, 2011)

What Makes Vidalia Onions Sweeter Than Other Onions?
Vidalia onions are considered by many to be the superior onion. Their sweetness cannot be matched by any other. Vidalia onions are also known as F1 Granax Hybrid. You can buy these same onions to grow in your garden, but I imagine you will be disappointed. It all comes down to soil. The soil in the area around Vidalia, Georgia contains an unexpected low amount of sulfur. It’s the sulfur in the soil that gives onions their bite. The onions grown in this soil lack the sulfur of other onions, thus their sweetness shines forth. Most onions are somewhere around 5% sugar, while Vidalias are over 12% sugar.

Since the soil condition is unique to that area of Georgia, the same onions grown anywhere else will be hot, not sweet. By law, only 20 counties in the state of Georgia are allowed to sell their onions as Vidalias. The season for these onions is from early Spring into the beginning part of summer. So stock up, put keep in mind, these onions don’t store as well as most of the onions you find in stores year round. Not to say they are going to sprout overnight, but don’t wait too long to use them.

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