Wild Bill’s Orange Cream Soda (Northwoods Soda)

On the first day I meet my wife, we ate at an Old Country Buffet. I remember going to get her a orange soda pop out of the fountain machine. Fast forward 10 years later, I am looking for an orange pop to give to her as a treat for our 10 year celebration. My local Mejier just started carrying Northwoods Sodas. I already had their root beer, so I thought this occassion would make the perfect time to try out their orange cream soda.

Whenever I open a bottle of orange cream soda, I am expecting a few things. I am expecting to be drinking something reminiscent to an orange cream ice cream bar. It needs to have a good orange flavor, along with a creaminess mouthfeel with a pleasant vanilla flavor in their somewhere. I have found my soda companies (Frostop for example) to have done this well. So how did Northwoods do with their Wild Bill’s Orange Cream?

I loved this drink as an orange soda pop. But as an orange cream, I don’t think it packed the creaminess I wanted. I really didn’t get that sense of drinking a liquid orange cream bar. This is not an overly sweet concoction, which some of the other orange creams I experienced I have been. But like I said as an orange soda, this was has a good depth to it, with some vanilla undertones. Boylan is the best orange soda I have had. Frostop is the best orange cream soda I have had. This one fall somewhere in the middle between those. So I will go ahead with a four star rating, which means it will find a way into my shopping cart again!

Where to Buy
You can find it in the new Made in Michigan section at your local Meijer store. You can also purchase it directly from the company, through their website.

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