Honeoye Strawberries

(Last Updated On: June 20, 2011)

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit Whittaker’s Berry Farm in Ida, Michigan. At the time they were picking Honeoye strawberries. These are a Junebearing variety, which produces quality berries for a few weeks each year, typically in June in most parts of the country. The Honeoye strawberry is considered a mid-season Junebearing strawberry. It has high yields and good size fruit. They add the perfect amount of tartness for jams and desserts. Their crimson red color will also make your jam look appealing. I found many glowing reviews online from people who have grown this variety with many saying these berries did well when frozen.

The Honeoye strawberry was developed by the Geneva, N.Y. Agricultural Experimental Station. They are popular variety in the Midwest and New England, especially for u-pick farms. They also do well in the home garden. They can be grown in zones 2-9. You can purchase seeds online.

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