Leftover Egg Nog French Toast

(Last Updated On: December 3, 2017)

Your Christmas party is over and you find yourself with a fridge full of leftover egg nog that you could not possibly drink before it goes bad. A great way to use it is to make some french toast. French toast is all about leftovers. It was originally invented as a way to use leftover bread. You replace the milk or half and half you use in your normal french toast recipe with the same amount of egg nog. Or you could follow the recipe we used in our house below. I like using the brioche loaves that I received from working at Zingerman’s Bakehouse in Ann Arbor, MI. You could also use challah or any day old or stale country loaf. I know a lot of people just use standard pre-sliced sandwich bread. Problem with those breads are they are usually sliced too thin and the preservatives in the bread keep the bread moist, which is not what we want for good french toast.

8 eggs
1 1/2 cups egg nog
1 1/2 pound loaf of brioche (day old or stale)

Mix the eggs and egg nog into a wide baking dish. Place the slices into the baking dish to soak for 30 seconds at a time for each side. I like to use my electric griddle to cook my french toast. You can make more toast in less time that way. Just spread some butter on the surface and cook each piece about 2-3 minutes per side. Serve with some real maple syrup (it’s the only way to go!).