Middleton Farms Cider Mill

(Last Updated On: September 23, 2010)

Middleton Farms Cider Mill Earlier this week, I was traveling up to Port Huron from Saline. Whenever I am traveling, even just short distances, I am always on the lookout for new topics for the website. So when I found out that a cider mill was just a stone’s throw away from the road I was traveling on, I made sure to make a stop there a part of my itinerary. Middleton Farms Cider Mill is located at 46462 Dequindre Road in Shelby Twp, MI. They are a no-frills cider mill. No haunted houses or any fee-based attractions. Just simply cider, apples, donuts, pumpkins, and the like. They are located in a mostly urban setting, so they are a good place to stop on the way to work.

I purchased some of their apple cinnamon donuts. They were very tasty. They were nice and soft, just how I like them. Of course I got some cider to wash them down. The cider was $3.50 for a half gallon or $5.50 for a full gallon. Their cider was treated with UV (ultraviolet) light. By running the cider under UV lights, any potential bacteria is killed off. Their cider is on the sweet side. It’s not all that tart. I thought it was a little more watery than others I have had. But it still tasted good!

For more information about Middleton Farms Cider Mill, you can call them at (586) 731-6699.
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