Old Croc Extra Sharp Australian Cheddar Cheese Review

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2014)

Old Croc Cheese

Strength: Sharp
Purchased At: Hillers (Ann Arbor, MI)
Price: $3.89 on sale
Would Buy Again: Yes!

There are billions blocks of cheddar you can find at the grocery store. Maybe not billions, but options are not limited. It’s not something unusual or special. So how do you make another block of cheddar cheese stand out? Well of course put an crocodile on the package. Trugman-Nash distributes Australian cheese under their Old Croc brand. When I checked out their website, my kids wondered what I was doing when they heard the sounds in nature you would expect to hear around a crocodile.

Old Croc Extra Sharp has been aged for 18 months and comes in an 7 oz square. It is made with 100% grass fed milk. The cows are not treated with any kind of growth hormones. The cheese has a pleasant bite to it way better than you are going to get from the store brand sharp cheddar that so many buy. I find those cheeses to be just sharp with no real flavor. This cheese was creamy, full flavored, with a slight nutty taste. It worked really well in mac & cheese!

What is Unique About Australian Cheddar?
Think about where Australia is. All by it’s lonesome. The grass that grows there isn’t going to be exactly like the grass that grows here in Michigan. They say you are what you eat, well a cow’s milk is effected by what it eats. Naturally an Australian cheddar is going to taste a bit different than an Irish cheddar or an American cheddar. A good reason to make up a cheddar cheese board with various options from around the world.

Here is the list of stores that carry Old Croc Cheddar. This information comes right from their official website.

Earth Fare, The Fresh Market, Winn Dixie


Safeway, Wholefoods Pacific Region

Brookshire, The Fresh Market, Food Giant

California (Northern)
Andronico’s, Berkley Bowl, Bristol Farms, Draeger’s Markets, The Fresh Market, Gelson’s, Lucky, Lunardi’s, Molly Stone, New Leaf Community Markets, Nugget Markets, Raley’s, Safeway, Savemart, Scolarie’s, Smart and Final, State Bros.

California (Southern)
Bristol Farms, The Fresh Market, Gelson’s, Safeway, Smart and Final, Stater Bros, Von’s, Wholefoods Pacific Region

Adam’s Super Food, Big Y, Caraluzzi’s, Chanaty’s, Dags, Fitzgerald’s, Food Town, The Fresh Market, Fitzgerald’s, Geissler’s, Irg Stores, Key Foods, LaBonnes, Market Basket, Price Chopper, Rogers Market Place, Safeway, Shaw’s, Stop & Shop, TriTown Foods

AWI, Giant Landover, Harris Teeter, Safway, Supervalu

District of Columbia
Harris Teeter, Safeway

ABC Liquor, Crown Wine & Spirits, Doris Market, Earth Fare, The Fresh Market, Harris Teeter, Winn Dixie

Earth Fare, The Fresh Market, Ingle’s Markets, Piggly Wiggly, Winn Dixie

Safeway, Wholefoods Pacific Region

Angelo Caputo’s, Big Apple Finer Foods, Blue Goose, Brookhaven Markets, Butera Finer Foods, Caputo’s New Farm Produce, Cermak, Dominick’s, Fair Play Foods, Fresh Farms, The Fresh Market, Freshline Foods, Garden Fresh, Gene’s Sausage, Harvestime Foods, Hyde Park Produce, Jerry’s Fruit Market, Joe Caputo & Sons, Kramer Foods, Market Place, Pete’s Fresh Market, Produce Center, Produce World, Schnucks Markets, Shop & Save, Sunset Foods, Tony’s Finer Foods, Treasure island, Valli Produce, Westbrook Market


Earth Fare, The Fresh Market, Schnucks Markets


The Fresh Market

Earth Fare, Food Giant, The Fresh Market, Liquor Barn

Brookshire, The Fresh Market, Winn Dixie

AWI, AG NE, Demoula’s Market Basket, Shaw’s, Stop & Shop

The Fresh Market, Giant Carlisle, Giant Landover, Harris Teeter, Martin’s, Safeway, Weis Markets

AG NE, Big Y, Demoula’s Market Basket, Doneland’s, The Fresh Market, Food City, Geissler’s, Highland Park, Irg Stores, Market Basket, Omni Foods, Price Chopper, Roche Bros, Shaw’s, Stop & Shop, Sudbury Farms

Hiller’s Markets, Joe’s Produce Gourmet Market

Cub Foods, Festival Foods

The Fresh Market, Food Giant, Winn Dixie

Food Giant, Pyramid Foods, Schnucks Markets


Apple Market, Rudd’s Market, Safeway, Supersaver

Nevada (Northern)
Raley’s, Safeway, Scolarie’s, Von’s

Nevada (Southern)
Safeway, Scolarie’s, Von’s, Wholefoods Pacific Region

New Hampshire
AG NE, Demoula’s Market Basket, The Fresh Market, Harvest Markets, Market Basket, Price Chopper, Shaw’s, Stop & Shop

New Jersey
AWI, Costa’s Food Market, Elmer IGA, Foodtown, Frenchtown Market, The Fresh Market, Giant Carlisle, Key Foods, Martin’s, McCaffrey’s Super Market, Pomona Market, Roebling Market, Stop & Shop, Supervalu, Weis Markets

New York
Best Yet Markets, D’Agostino’s, Foodtown, The Fresh Market, Hegedorn’s Markets, Hillsdale Market, King Kullen, Key Foods, Martin’s, Price Chopper, Stop & Shop, Weis Markets

New Mexico

North Carolina
Earth Fare, The Fresh Market, Harris Teeter, Ingle’s Markets, Piggly Wiggly, Supervalu

Earth Fare, The Fresh Market

The Fresh Market, Petty’s Fine Foods, Reasor’s

Red Apple, Safeway, Thriftway

AWI, Bethayres Market, Central Market, The Fresh Market, Giant Carlisle, Landis Supermarket, McCaffrey’s, Price Chopper, Safeway, Supervalu, Weis Markets

Rhode Island
Dave’s, Demoula’s Market Basket, Shaw’s, Stop & Shop

South Carolina
Earth Fare, The Fresh Market, Harris Teeter, Ingle’s Markets, Piggly Wiggly

Earth Fare, Food City, Food Giant, The Fresh Market, Harris Teeter, Ingle’s Markets

Brookshire, The Fresh Market, Randall’s, Tom Thumb’s, United Supermarkets

AG NE, Shaw’s, Vista, Price Chopper

Farm Fresh, Food City, The Fresh Market, Giant Landover, Harris Teeter, Martin’s, Safeway, Supervalu

Red Apple, Safeway, Thriftway

West Virginia
Giant Carlisle, Martin’s, Safeway, Supervalu, Weis Markets

Cub Foods, Festival Foods, The Fresh Market, Schnucks Markets