Red Muscato Grapes

(Last Updated On: October 4, 2010)

Red Muscato Grapes Grapes are one of the best snack foods out there. They are very simple and easy to enjoy. Just grab a bunch and get eating. Not all grapes are the same. Today I am here to introduce you to the Red Muscato grape. They were created by combining the popular green Thompson Seedless (the standard grocery store grape) with the Muscat grape, a flavorful seeded grape. They are a seedless grape that comes in multiple colors. This review I am looking at the red variety.

My Experience with these grapes
Tart/Sweet: Sweet
Seed/Seedless: Seedless
Grape Flavor (Rating Scale 1-10): 6

Overall Feeling: This grapes have a good flavor, better than your run of the mill red grape. They a firm, crisp skin, which is a plus for their shelf life. The skin stays attaches to the inside when you bite into them. The red version of these grapes are said to have a hint of blackberry in their flavor. I didn’t really pick up on that myself.

Availability: These grapes can be found from late July to mid September, with the peak of the season being in August. I purchased mine from Meijer in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They were packed by Melissa’s Produce.