Dexter Blueberry 1 Blueberries are one of my favorite fruits. So I jump at the chance to pick my very own. I did so today at Dexter Blueberry Farm in Dexter, Michigan (a short drive from Ann Arbor). The picking was excellent. To get there you pass through downtown Dexter, pass Jenny’s Farm Stand, and take a dirt road into the heart of farm land. When you arrive you park your car and head over to a small building to pick up your red bucket to carry your berries while you pick. The nice thing about these buckets is that they have a string on them so you can hang them around your neck. This makes for hands free picking. Once you have your bucket it is a very short walk to the blueberries.

Dexter Blueberry 2 They have a ton of bushes to pick from. On the day I went it an easy to find nice big ripe berries. The bushes are big and tall, so each produces quite a few berries. One advantage of these bushes is that they have ripe berries available at all different heights. So if you have a toddler with you, then can reach some berries themselves (good luck with actually getting those berries into a bucket!).

When you are all done you take your buckets of berries back to the front and they give you plastic bags to take them home in. The cost is $1.60 a pound and on this day we picked over 5 pounds before the rain could hit. This is my second year in a row out at this farm and I find it to be an enjoyable, peaceful experience. I also like getting to explore the stops (Jenny’s, the Farmer’s Market, downtown Dexter) on the way to and from the farm.

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