Kapnick Peaches 1 Today I got to do what I have been waiting for over a year to do – pick peaches! Last year, it was not a great peach season in my part of the state (I live in the Ann Arbor area) and I couldn’t find any farms that were offering u-pick peaches. But this year the crop is much better and Kapnick Orchards opened for u-pick. They offered 3 varieties for picking today: Red Haven, Flamin’ Fury (PF-15), and Bellaire. Flamin’ Fury are my personal favorite.

Kapnick Peaches 2 Each row was well labeled at the start of the row. The rows that weren’t labeled were not ready for picking or had already been picked. The peaches looked pretty good, but I had to do the “squeeze test” to make sure they were ripe. A lot of the peaches were still hard. I imagine in another week or so the picking will be perfect. For us it was more of a hunt for the perfect peach, but it didn’t take us more than an hour.

Kapnick Peaches 3 The peaches cost $15 for a 1/2 bushel or $28 for a full bushel. You can bring your own basket that measures the same or you can purchase a basket for $2. We bought a 1/2 bushel basket and now we have something we can use at their farm again or even bring it to other farms. As for parking, you drive right out to where the peaches are and you have a very short walk to get to them.

I would highly recommend his farm to anyone that wants to pick their own peaches. It’s a stress free experience, the staff was very friendly, and the peaches were easy to access. And you can’t beat the price. If I bought a 1/2 bushel at the grocery store at 99 cents a pound, I wouldn’t want to even know how much that would cost.


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