Why Buy a Jaindl Turkey?

(Last Updated On: November 11, 2015)


How would you like to serve the same turkey at your house that is served at the White House this Thanksgiving? That would be something fun to brag about to your guests. While that is pretty cool, there are many reasons you should buy a Jaindl turkey this year. Before we get into those reasons, let me introduce you to Jaindl turkeys. Jaindl Turkey Farms is located in Orefield in Pennslyvania’s Lehigh Valley. Each year they produce 750,000 turkeys! That’s a lot of birds!

5 Reasons You Should Buy a Jaindl Turkey

1. Breed of Bird
There is no other turkey like a Jaindl turkey. Literally. Why? The breed of turkey that they raise is unique to their farm. They have been breeding their own turkeys for nearly 60 years. No other farm has this exact breed of turkey – this is an unique experience for the consumer. They have their very own hatchery on site, they don’t buy birds from a nursery. They are a part of the turkey process from egg all the way to your dinner table.

What makes this breed of turkey, Jaindl’s Grand Champion, brand so unique? There is more usable meat per pound – up to 54% more white meat than three of the leading brands (see Jaindl’s turkey facts for more information) You are getting more bang for your buck. If you had a turkey of the exact same size you wouldn’t get as much meat as Jaindl turkey – making these turkeys a great value. Their meat is also leaner. Jaindl turkeys are the only turkey to be considered “Lite” by the USDA. The fat content is 55% less than other raw turkeys. Good for your health and your wallet.

2. Humane treatment
More people are becoming aware of how the animals they consume as meat are being treated during their lives. Jaindl turkeys have been recommended by the Humane Society. When the time comes for the turkey to be processed, they use nitrogen which renders the turkey unconscious, so it doesn’t feel pain. Other farms use a different gas which actually chokes the turkey, so it suffers before it dies.

3. Quality Goes into the Whole Operation
All the action happens within 1 1/2 miles of the processing plant. As I mentioned above it all starts with hatching their own birds. Those birds go on to eat grain grown right on their farms – they grow corn, soy, and wheat. They process and package all the turkeys themselves. They also produce their own biofuel to run their equipment! They have their hands on every step. When you do that, you can have complete control over your product. It’s their quality that goes into each thing from the food their birds eat to processing. They do it all themselves and I really admire that. It shows the passion that they have for the business, that they go the extra mile to do things others wouldn’t do themselves.

4. Organic
In 2009, they began raising organic turkeys. These turkeys are the same “Grand Champion” brand they have been known for, for years. If you need a certified organic turkey then you have that option.

5. Budget Minded
For those of us on a tight budget this Thanksgiving, Jaindl offers you a way to save money on your turkey with their “Harvest” brand. This is the same turkey as the “Grand Champion” but sells for 30 cents less per pound (going for $2.49/pound this year). The difference is that it is a Grade B bird, which means this turkey could have a bone bruise or a skin tear. It is still going to be the same tasty bird, just with some slight imperfections.

Those are five GREAT reasons why you may want to select a Jaindl turkey this year. For me, the two biggest are the quality that goes into raising turkeys, each step of the way, and you are getting a turkey that is unique, that you can’t buy exactly the same anywhere else.

Where to Buy a Jaindl Turkey
If you live close enough you can head over to the farm and buy one at their retail store. You can buy one at Whole Foods Market if you live in the Atlantic/Northeast part of the country (cities like Boston and New York). Also look for them at Wegman’s, Fairway, Redner’s and Stew Leonards. Jaindl does package turkey under custom labels for stores. Below you will find two pictures (courtesy of Joanna Jaindl) of their custom packaging for Wegman’s.

Wegman's Grand Champion

Wegman's Grand Champion Organic

You can also check the packaging on Bell & Evans, Whole Foods, and Stew Leonard’s for the words “Grown and processed by Jaindl Family Farms“. If you don’t find that check the metal clip on the packaging. You will find the number P-460 on it, if it was from Jaindl farms.

For the best information on where to find Jandil turkeys, check the map on their website.

Here is a list of turkeys they carry:
Grand Champion Brand
Organic – Free Range
Bone-In Breast
Brined Whole
Harvest Grade B
Smoked Whole

For more ordering information, call 1-800-475-6654.