Alton Brown’s Chocapocalypse (Chocolate) Cookies

Whenever Food Network airs a new episode of a cooking show, they almost always post recipes for the show a day or two before the show airs. On Thursday morning, I discovered what Alton Brown was making for the final episode of Good Eats, entitled “Turn on the Dark”. The recipe that immediately jumped out at me was his Chocapocalypse Cookies. Before the show aired, I set out to the grocery store to get all the supplies I needed. This cookie recipe includes several different types of chocolate: milk, 54%, 70%, 100%, and nib. Below you will find my notes from this recipe. **UPDATE** The full recipe use to be posted on Food Network’s website, but has been pulled now. It is in Alton Brown’s Everyday Cook (affiliate link) which I am guessing why it was pulled from the website.

1. My goal when at the grocery store was the find the exact percentages of chocolate the recipe called for. I ended up with chocolate made by several different companies:

Ghirardelli 100% Unsweetened Chocolate
Baker’s Semi-Sweet Chocolate (which is 54% cocoa)
Dove Milk Chocolate (don’t know the exact percentage)
Lindt 70% Chocolate

The recipes also calls for cocoa nibs. Unfortunately at the 2 stores I visited that night, I only found chocolate covered cocoa nibs. But these are perfectly fine for this recipe, as you are just folding them into the dough as is. You can buy plain cocoa nibs online.

2. I prepped all my ingredients before I began, including chopping all the chocolate, so that later on it would be easy to put everything together.

3. The first step is to melt the unsweetened and 54% chocolate in the microwave in a glass bowl. Alton said it would take about two 30 second intervals and maybe an additional 10 seconds. My microwave isn’t that powerful, so it took me about 10 second intervals after the initial minute to get to a smooth, melted chocolate.

4. I then let the chocolate cool for about 15 minutes or when it reached 90 degrees. I used my infrared thermometer to check the temperature. It really is a great tool to have when working with chocolate. So if you do a lot of work with chocolate, I would definitely recommend getting one.

5. Next it’s time to beat the sugar and butter together until it resembles wet sand, like in the picture above.

6. Then I added the eggs and vanilla extract until completely combined.

7. Then I added the melted chocolate, and mixed that until completely combined.

8. Then I added the flour mixture, slowing add it so I didn’t have flour flying back up in my face.

9. Finally, I added in the 70% chocolate, milk chocolate, and cocoa nibs. I just stirred them in with a spatula.

10. The dough has to go into the fridge for 45 minutes. Do not skip this step, otherwise your cookies will spread and form one big chocolate mass on your sheet pan. Be patient! I know it’s hard.

11. Alton used a 1 1/4-inch diameter disher to dispense his cookies. I do not know of these, so I had just used an ice cream scoop that I filled about half way. Not the most ideal method, but I didn’t end up having any problems. I did end up with less numbers of cookies than Alton. The recipe says 55, and I got about 29, so mine were a bit bigger.

12. I baked mine for exactly 8 minutes, rotating the pan half way through. The cookies came out perfect the first time. The cookies will come out looking wet and doughy. Resist the urge to put them back in. If your cookies look like mine do in the photo above, they are perfect. They will be set all around with some gooeyness in the middle. If you over bake them, they won’t taste good.

These cookies were absolutely amazing! Never had a chocolate cookie that was this powerful. They are not for the faint of heart! I will make these again, not everyday mind you as buying all that chocolate wasn’t cheap, so these were some of the more expensive cookies I ever made. But my taste buds, my wife, and kids all agree it was worth it. Thanks Alton for one last great cookie recipe!

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