Bobby Flay’s Blue Cornmeal Pancakes

Bobby Flay's Blue Cornmeal Pancakes Ever get tired of the same old pancakes? Do you make pancakes from a box? If your answers are yes, then you should give this recipe for Blue Cornmeal Pancakes a try. This is a Bobby Flay recipe. This is the first time I have given one of this recipes a try. Below I will share with you my experience from trying this recipe. For the full recipe, visit Food Network’s website.

1. Blue cornmeal has it’s own unique flavor. I have used it before to make cornmeal muffins. It added a nice dimension of flavor to those muffins and to these pancakes. I like the cornmeal sold by Bob’s Red Mill. It’s stone ground, so it has more character than the generic store brand stuff.

2. Bobby added blueberries to the pancakes. I usually only buy them during blueberry season, so I just left them out.

3. I used buttermilk as oppose to just regular milk. Mainly because it was about to expire. I often use buttermilk in pancakes. \

4. Bobby says to add a little more milk if the batter was too thick. That was the case with mine, so a little more milk made the batter easier to work with.

5. I cooked my the entire batch in two stages on my electric griddle. An electric griddle makes cooking pancakes a much faster job.

Even thought I changed a couple things, I still could grasp that this is a good recipe. It produced a delicious fluffy pancake. The cornmeal doesn’t overwhelm the flavor, just adds to it. Bobby also made Orange-Honey Butter and Cinnamon Maple Syrup to go along with the pancakes. I didn’t do that this time, but I plan to give those a try in the future.

Recipe Grade: A-

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