Cheese Review – Jeffs’ Select Gouda Cheese

(Last Updated On: March 29, 2012)

Price: $6.99/lb
Strength: Sharp
Purchased At: The Andersons Market (Sylvania, OH)
Would Buy Again: Yes

Today I am reviewing a cheese with an interesting story. This cheese is a joint venture involving 2 Jeffs and two states. Jeff Weidman is a master cheesemaker from Wisconsin. Jeff Jirik works for Caves of Faribault in Minnesota. These two friends came together to great this amazing gouda, called Jeffs’ Select. The process begins in Wisconsin with with a clsssic Dutch method of making gouda. Then the cheese is moved to caves in Minnesota. What is the significant of aging the cheese in a cave? These particularly caves have no dripping in them and there is actually the cave air is slightly acidic. This makes for a great environment to age cheese in.

The color of this cheese is a rich yellow color with a orange colored rind. It has a bold flavor in all the good ways. It hits you with it’s sharpness and as you eat it you get the creaminess of a great gouda. I felt the cheese was more salty than others, even though the description I read said just a hint of salt. However I think that saltiness enhances the flavor experience. Plus I use this gouda in some mac & cheese and I didn’t have to add much salt.

This gouda is a keeper for sure. It is different from any other gouda I have and if I come across it again I wouldn’t mind forking over some dollar bills for a chunk.

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