Final Episode of Good Eats to Air February 10th (Turn on the Dark)

**UPDATE**The episode has now aired. Check out my review of the show.

It what is truly a bittersweet announcement, the final episode of Alton Brown’s Good Eats will be airing on Food Network on February 10th @ 8pm. The episode entitled “Turn on the Dark” will be an hour long show on the subject of dark chocolate. This will be the 4th chocolate themed episode in the history of the series. I am disappointed that the show is coming to an end. Good Eats is what really started my passion for food and what led to this blog existing. Make sure to check out this farewell to the great food show in television history.

Here are the recipes Alton will be sharing during this episode (all can be found at Food Network’s website):
Chocapocalypse Cookie
Cocoa Nib Hot Chocolate
Cocoa Nib Frappe
Rocky Road Bark
Foam Whipper Chocolate Mousse
Microwave Chocolate Tempering

I plan on trying some of these recipes right after the show airs, so check back for updates.

Here are the complete list of airtimes for the episode:
February 10th @ 8pm ET/PT
February 11th @ 3am ET/PT
February 12th @ 7pm ET/PT

Check out some past reviews I have done on Good Eats episodes:
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3 Replies to “Final Episode of Good Eats to Air February 10th (Turn on the Dark)”

  1. Other than the Right on Q, what was the other hour long “final” episode? Thanks!

  2. Alton’s Countdown to T-Day that aired on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

  3. Gotcha, thanks! I hope they rerun it sometime.

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