Gale’s Root Beer

Root beer is one of my all time favorite drinks. So I am always on the look out for new root beers. While looking for someone to drink at Vince and Joe’s Gourmet Market to go along with my lunch, I came across Gale’s Root Beer. On the bottle there is a picture of a girl and a dog named Rootie. Above that picture was a word from Chef Gale Gand who came up with this unique root beer. She said “I love root beer. While cooking in England some years ago, my root beer sources dried up and I was forced to do without. So I got a little brown terrier puppy and named him Rootie. When Rootie and I got back to the United States I started making my own root beer to serve in my restaurants. Now I’m pleased to present my best batch ever! Rootie and I know you’ll love it. Enjoy!”

The most interesting part about Gale’s Root Beer is how she choose to flavor it. She used vanilla, which isn’t that uncommon, but also added cinnamon and ginger. I have never seen or even thought about adding cinnamon to root beer.

This root beer is a winner. It is unlike anything else I have tried. You get a nice tasting root beer in your mouth, and then BAM! that cinnamon hits you, leaving you wondering what was that, if you had not read the ingredient list. It took me a couple sips to really grasp what I was drinking here. This is not your run of the mill root beer, and that makes me very happy!

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  1. This beverage can be purchased from the Old 52 General Store in Sabin, MN or online at

  2. […] 4. Gale’s Root Beer One of the most unique root beers out there. It’s only root beer I know containing cinnamon and ginger, both I think really work to give this caffeine free option a complex, tasty flavor. […]

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