Harrow Sweet Pears

(Last Updated On: October 9, 2010)

Harrow Sweet Pears Whole Foods Market is a great place to go to try different varieties of fruit. It doesn’t beat the farmer’s market, but it is better than other grocery stores. I try to pop in the store every week to see if I can find something new. I wasn’t disappointed this week, when I found Harrow Sweet Pears. These pears were developed in Ontario, Canada. The pear has the look of the most popular pear in America, the Bartlett. But it is not a Bartlett variation. It is normally harvested about 3 weeks after the Bartlett.

The pears I purchased were grown by Rasch Orchards, out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Earlier some Lakemont grapes at Whole Foods that were also grown by Rasch Orchards.

My Experience with this Pear (Rating Scale 1-10)
Texture: 6
Pear Flavor: 9
Sweetness: 10
Juiciness: 9

Overall Feeling: What a wonderful pear. The flavor is amazing. As I ate this pear I ended up with juice on my chin and juice on the plate. The texture is good, a little grainy, but not bad. The skin can be a little on the tough side but I don’t think this takes away from the enjoyment of this pear. My 2 year old daughter enjoyed them very much.

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