Holiday Seedless Grapes

Holiday Grapes have arrived now for the 2012 season. They come in a new colorful bag with a carrying handle.

Some people may say a red grape is a red grape. But that isn’t the case. There are many varieties of what supermarkets just label as red grapes. But one variety is making waves and stores are giving them their proper label. The Holiday Grape burst on the scene a few years ago and now it’s release is eagerly anticipated by grape lovers. They arrive late in the year around the beginning of October and can be seen in stores up to around Thanksgiving.

These grapes are grown in the San Joaquin area of Central California by Columbine Vineyards, who are the exclusive grower.

My Experience with these grapes

Aspect Score
Crispiness 8
Tart/Sweet Sweet
Seeded/Seedless Seedless
Flavor 7
Juiciness 10

Overall Feeling: These grapes are super juicy and have a nice crisp bite to them. Their sweet flavor and big size tops all the other standard red grapes. The best widely distributed grape of the season. Serve them on a fruit plate with the best in season apples you can find (it is that time of year too!)

3 Replies to “Holiday Seedless Grapes”

  1. john P Hovey says:

    It seems a shame that we cant create an enviroment where these wonderful grapes could be enjoyed on the 4th of July. I love them. Peace

  2. Best. Grapes. EVAAAAAAAH!!!

  3. These grapes are the best…. I work at a produce stand and I eat them at the time.

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