How to Find a Non Self Basted Turkey

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Anyway, I got a question last week asking where one could find a non self basted turkey. What is such a thing? Are there turkeys that actually bast themselves? Are they returning as turkey ghosts ready to baste their former vessel? No. A non self basted turkey is a turkey that is not self basted. Alright there is your answer have a great day.

Ok fine.

Let’s answer this question first.

What is a Self Basted Turkey?

A self-basted turkey is a turkey that has an added solution to it. That can be water mixed with chicken or turkey broth, salt, sugar, or any kind of seasoning. It’s sort of like brining, just done really bad. This adds weight to the turkey so more money into the company that sells that turkey’s pockets. I don’t want to pay extra for water.

Frozen vs. Fresh Which is Juicier
These turkeys are self basted.

The idea here is that the turkey is going to be more juicy so is bastes itself or no basting is need. (Actually basting is never needed, read more!)

However is this really the best turkey you can do? When I buy a turkey, I want to buy just a turkey. You know a turkey, turkey. Nothing else added. So in eseence a non self basted turkey.

How to Find a Non Self Basted Turkey

First thing to know is that a lot of turkeys are self basted turkeys. In fact the majority of them are. If you buy the cheapest frozen turkey your grocery store offers is it going to be a self basted turkey. It’s the way of the world. If you want to find one that isn’t self basted, here are some options that I have found for you.

Here is one I found at Kroger this season:

Simple Truth – a Kroger brand – has a non self basted frozen turkey going for $1.99 per pound.

This reminds me. I want to give a quick shout out to Kroger Does It Again on Instagram. Check out all the awesome stuff they are posting from Kroger stores.

Whole Foods Market is another great place to go for a non self basted turkey. Check out a list of the turkeys that are offering this year.

Have you a good source for these types of turkeys? Let me know in the comment section below. I will keep adding any more that I find during the season.

How to Spot a Non Self Basted Turkey

How Do I Know a Turkey is Not Self Basted? Simple. Look for the ingredients. May be on a tag, may be on the turkey packaging itself. You should see nothing but turkey. Here is an example.

Look at the ingredients on the list – turkey. That’s all there is. No added stuff.

Am I a Horrible Person If I Buy a Self Basted Turkey?

Well you might be a horrible person but not for that reason. If the self basted turkey is all you can afford, then buy all means by it. Or if you don’t want to spend more per pound. Just so you know you can still brine a self basted turkey. How do I know? I have done it. Again the fact that I bought a self basted turkey does NOT make me a horrible person.

The reason you might still want to brine one is that the seasoning they add to the turkeys, really isn’t enough to really flavor the bird. I do think the texture of a turkey you brined that wasn’t a self basted turkey will be better, and might be worth the extra look to hunt one down.

Turkey talk is over…..for now….

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