Are Brown Eggs Any Different Than White Eggs?

(Last Updated On: January 31, 2014)

I got this question at work this past week. I didn’t have an answer ready to go at that time. After some researching around the world wide web, I have an answer, maybe not the answer to this question – What is the difference between brown eggs and white eggs? Are brown eggs really better? We have been lead to think they are. However it’s not about the color of the egg (eggs can be white, brown, blue, pink) that manners but how the chicken lives it’s life. What are they eating? Are they always cooped up?

Brown eggs were once seen as the better quality eggs. They are suppose to taste better. That is because most mass commercial companies sold eggs from chicken who laid white eggs. So when you found brown eggs typically they were from a farm who did things the right way, not necessarily the fastest and cheapest way. That is until businesses caught one and start selling some eggs from chicken who lay brown eggs. With people willing to fork over more money for “better eggs” I am sure lots of businesses were all aboard for that. White may still be the standard, but you can find grocery store dairy section filled with mass produced brown eggs.

When you are at the store don’t assume that brown is better. Forget the color of the eggs and focus on what it says on the outside of the carton. Or better yet forget the store all together and go directly to the farmer himself. Buy eggs at your local farmer’s market or find a place nearby the sells eggs. A quick little drive into the country and I am sure you will find some house with a sign in front of it for eggs for sale. Can’t get any fresher than that!