Moon Drops Grapes

Moon Drops Grapes

Attention all conspiracy theorists – aliens from the moon are invading produce departments across the country. They are leaving their “drops” from “the moon” for unexpected customers. These may be the same aliens that brought that weird looking “fruit” the pomegranate. Is this part of their eventual plan to overthrow the earth and enslave us all? Actually you can put your pitch forks and shotguns down. These Moon Drops aren’t part of an alien invasion. They are yet another grape innovation, coming to you from our friends at Grapery.

Moon Drops Grapes

Grapery has been changing the perception of the way grapes taste, which has been clear with their Cotton Candy grapes. They also are changing the perception of the way grapes should look. We think of grapes as being round or oval. Thanks to Grapery, we can now add rectangle to the mix. Moon Drops are here. A black, seedless sweet grape, that has a elongated shape. The grape comes to a blunt end where it has an indentation – kind of like a dimple. The unique shape of this grape gives it an amazing bite. Really crisp. Never experienced anything quite like that in a grape. People who clamor for crisp fruit, will fall in love with these Moon Drops. The flavor of the grape isn’t as unique a flavor as Cotton Candy yet it is still very flavorful black grape. I doubt you will find a better tasting black grape.

Moon Drop grapes

This variety isn’t exactly new this season. Last year it was included in their Witch Finger line as you can see in the bag above. However after feedback from their consumers Grapery felt it was time to give them their own name. They thought originally about coming up with a name to cover all their uniquely shaped grapes. Consumer feedback showed that these grapes were different enough they deserved their own name. Therefore they conducted an online consumer naming contest. They generated 893 name suggestions! The names were then ranked in order of consumer preference and the name Moon Drops was the clear winner. Other finalists included Finger Snaps, Snap Dragons, Firecrackers, and Dimples. I think they got it right with the name Moon Drops.

Moon Drops Grapes

Look for Moon Drops grapes at the same retailers where you find Cotton Candy grapes (see my list for 2015). I found them this year at Whole Foods in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Grapery Vineyard

Availability of these grapes will increase with time. When I visited the Grapery’s vineyards back in March, I was showed some 1 year old Moon Drops vines.

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Want to learn more about the Grapery and how these produce these amazingly flavorful grapes? Get the benind the scenes story in the first edition of my new e-book series “Fruits of Their Labor” (Available for purchase on NOW!, click picture below)

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8 Replies to “Moon Drops Grapes”

  1. Wow! These are wonderful grapes but what is the season. I need them for aparty on Oct. 3rd.

  2. Eric Samuelson says:

    The season is suppose to run through October 15. I have seen supplies of them start to go down, so hopefully you can still find them for your party.

  3. Selena Wallace says:

    Lord Have Mercy….These are the Best grapes I have ever tasted, I will only purchase these from now on. You did an amazing job Well Done Well Done.
    Now I tell all my friends about them, but they are only in certain elite stores.

    Thank you sooooo much

  4. Hello,

    I have been searching everywhere for these grapes !!!! I cannot find them anywhere near me . And I have become a huge fan of them! No on ever knows what I am referring to when I look for them. Where can I purchase these ? Can I purchase them online and have them shipped to me? I am from Middletown, Ny.

    My boss brought them back from Syracuse, NY and I have wanted them ever since!

    No other grape will do for me anymore. I won’t even buy any other grapes.

    Please help. lol

    Thank you,

  5. Betsy Collins says:

    These are fantastic and beautiful.

  6. Eric Samuelson says:

    Yes they are. Thanks for the comment, Betsy!

  7. Hi Eric, Do you know where I buy some moon grape vines?

  8. Eric Samuelson says:

    I am afraid you cannot buy them. They are an exclusive variety of the Grapery. They only license their grapes to be grown in our countries, not in the United States by anyone but themselves. And even in our countries they are very particular about who they allow to grow them.

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