This Spring (2nd Edition) Released

(Last Updated On: March 19, 2017)

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I am super pumped to announce the release of the 2nd Edition of [Eat Like No One Else] This Spring!!!! And Happy First Day of Spring or Happy Vernal Equinox. Days are going to be getting longer and greener. Make the best out of this season by purchasing a copy of my e-book. I will teach you what the best and more tasty food that you can find this time of year. I am talking asparagus, Vidalia onions, Ojai Pixie Tangerines, the first peaches of the year, and much more.

What’s New This Season

This year I have added some new awesome stuff – like a section on sweet Vidalia onions, who could I have forgotten them last year! Also to go along with my strawberry section, I have added a page on it’s best friend – rhubarb.

A Growing Project

As I mentioned each year I want to expand the book. Which means during the spring season I will be collecting content for next year’s edition. That means taking more photos, testing out new recipes, and listening to feedback from you – my readers play a big role in the growth of the book. Thank you in advance! I also hope to travel around to different places in the country – for example I want to get down to Georgia for the Vidalia onion harvest as well as for early season Georgia peaches.

More Books to Come

My goal is to have a book for each season, released and updated on the first day of each season. My Seasonal Eating E-book page will have all the information you will need on each book and in the future you can download each book from that page. There is also some preview pages for you to check out – get a grasp of what the book looks like and contains.

Buy the Book

A big thanks to everyone who has supported this project. And a big thanks to those you are going to buy the book. Your support allows me to continue to produce this blog as well as allowing me to create more products and content in the future. So thank you from myself and my entire family.

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