Stewart’s Peach Soda

Stewarts Peach Soda

One of the best summer time treats is eating a fresh peach purchased from the farmer’s market. Problem is that window, at least in Michigan, in which you can get fresh Michigan peaches is so narrow. Most of the year is spend waiting for it. And during the waiting time, one looks for other ways to get that peach fix. One way to find it is in carbonated form. Stewart’s, who has been turning out drinks since 1924, has their own peach soda. The 12 oz glass bottle has a picture of peaches coming out of a basket and the phrase “sweet peach taste”. The ingredient list does include the word “peach” in the form of peach juice concentrate.

4stars I enjoyed this drink. It is better than some of the other peach soda pop on the market. Yet I am still looking for that drink that makes me say “that tastes like a carbonated peach”. Stewart’s fell just short of doing that. But that doesn’t mean it is a bad drink at all. I encourage you to give it a try yourself. It is still one of the best peach drinks out there.

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  1. Pam Hassell says:

    The absolute BEST peach drink I have ever tried. The only problem is that I have a had time trying to find it to buy. Is there a place I can order it on line and have it delivered?

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