Top 7 Best Cherry Soda Pop

Top Tasting Glass Bottled Cherry Soda Pop Soft Drink
(Last Updated On: June 14, 2017)

Top Tasting Glass Bottled Cherry Soda Pop Soft Drink

If you ever have encountered some type of cherry flavored medicine during your childhood, I am here to say I am sorry. Let me be your cherry therapist. There is hope for you. You can overcome it. Not all cherry flavored things taste like horrible medicine. Believe or not. That is why today I am going to present the top 8 cherry soda pops you need to check out. Sorry Cherry Coke is not on this list – I got something a billion times better! All of these choices come in glass bottles because let’s face, drinking carbonated beverages from glass is sooooo much better than cans or plastic bottles.

This is my list in no particular order. Have you ever tried any of these? Let me know in the comments section below. I put a link to my review of each one. I use to do a lot of soda reviews in the earlier years of my blog, so forgive the crude photos 🙂

A Michigan made cherry soda pop that does contain some actual cherry juice it in. Can be found all over the Metro Detroit area including Walmart.

Towne Club Michigan Cherry

This one is a Michigan original. Towne Club sodas have been produced since the 1960s. People use to go to their “pop centers” and buy them by the wooden case. They have recently made a comeback after returning to glass bottles. Now distributed by Intrastate Distributors. You can find them in stores all over in Michigan, including Walmart.

Their Michigan Cherry flavor actual has some real Michigan cherry juice in it. Definitely gives the soda a cherrier flavor. My wife is who is leery of cherry flavored beverages likes this one.

Henry Weinhard’s Black Cherry Cream

Henry Weinhard’s are beer makers out of Portland, Oregon. They also make gourmet sodas out of a location in Colfax, California. They have four flavors: root beer, orange cream, vanilla cream, and black cherry cream. The root beer has the most amazing head I have ever seen in a root beer. Their black cherry cream is newsworthy as well. It contains black cherry, black raspberry flavors, along with Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar. It’s the vanilla that gives you that “cream-like” taste. All of their soda pops make for good float fodder.

Boom Chugga Lugga Cherry Root Bear

If I was forced to choose a favorite on this whole list, this one would be a strong consideration. This is the first and only cherry flavored root beer I know. It uses real Michigan cherry juice. Cherry and root beer work as well together as cherry and cola. The soda is made by Northwoods Soda and is distributed at the Cherry Republic stores, their affiliates, and through the world wide web.

Sprecher Cherry Cola

Speaking of cherry cola, this one is my all time favorite. Cherry Coke doesn’t even match up to the deliciousness of Sprecher Cherry Cola. Sprecher is a brewery out of Wisconsin. All of their sodas are created in gas-fired brew kettles. They use honey partly to sweeten them. The Cherry Cola has cherry juice in it from Wisconsin’s Door County.

Four-packs of Virgil’s Black Cherry Cream Soda found at Whole Foods Market.

Virgil’s Black Cherry Cream

Thiis one you will find on the shelves at Whole Foods Market. Virgil’s Black Cherry Cream is a delicius concoation that contains real cherry flavor and no artificial stuff. They are non-GMO as they use unrefined cane sugar as their sweetener of choice.

Stewart’s Black Cherry Soda

Out of the entire list this one is properly the easiest to find. Stewart’s Sodas are in a lot of stores. I first became acquainted with them at Cracker Barrel restaurants. Stewart’s is actually a restaurant itself found mainly in New Jersey and some surrounding states. The Black Cherry is a pretty good soda. Not earth shaking or super unique like some of the others on the list, just good.

Americana Black Cherry Soda

The final entry on this list is made my Orca Beverages. They produce a huge selection of retro sodas like Nesbitt, Moxie, Cock’n’Bull, NuGrape and Bubble Up. Somme of their best work comes in their Americana line. I mainly have seen these at Cost Plus World Market stores. They also end up in a lot of places that dedicated to retro drinks, candies, etc. The Black Cherry is phenomenal.

I hope you enjoyed the list. I would love to hear your favorites. Leave a comment below.

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  1. Catherine says:

    I’m a Seattle native, so I know & love the Henry Weinhard’s. All four flavors are fantastic, they’re not too violently carbonated, and that Black Cherry might get picked as my favorite overall pop. Period. I’m not a pop/soda person, generally speaking, so when I get one, it’s because I’m really in the mood for it & would like it to be super. These are nearly always what I get. And yep – super for floats!

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