Waialua Pineapple Soda

Waialua Pineapple I have not had a lot of pineapple sodas in my life. Faygo and Vess are the only two brands I have had that make a pineapple soda. Both of these are tasty, but in a pineapple candy sort of way. I found another company that makes pineapple soda: Waialua Soda Works. Their soda is made in Hawaii, as the name with all the vowels would suggest. I found a bottle of their pineapple soda at Straub’s Fine Grocers in St. Louis, MO. It was on clearance, so I got to pay a cheaper price. I previously tried their Lilikoi (Passion Fruit) soda and it was terrible. But I was willing to give the company another try.

5stars I have now had two experiences with Waialua sodas and they were complete night and day. While I hated their Lilikoi soda, I absolutely love their pineapple soda. When I popped up the bottle, I could detect a strong pineapple smell. It smelled like fresh pineapple, it was amazing! It tasted fresh. I have never had a soda pop with a genuine pineapple flavor, but this one did. They perfectly captured the taste of a pineapple in a clear glass bottle. This goes to show that you shouldn’t give up on a company after just trying one flavor.

Where to Buy
I purchased mine at Straub’s Fine Grocers in St. Louis, MO. You can find it all over Hawaii, including at Target. Whole Foods Market sells it in Hawaii, California, Nevada, and Arizona.

Old 52 General Store Can’t find it in a store near you? You can purchase Waialua sodas online from the Old 52 General Store. They do not carry pineapple, but they do have root beer, mango, and lilikoa. They also carry over 300 varieties of glass bottled soda. Their physical store is located in Sabin, Minnesota.

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