What is a Tip Sizzler Steak?

Tip Sizzler Steak

What is a tip sizzler steak? After much research online, I am still asking myself this question. I could not find anything with the exact name tip sizzler steak, except for the Meijer store web site, which is where I purchased this cut. So maybe they are the only ones using this name. With my research I believe I know about where this cut of beef comes from. By looking at pictures of other cuts, I believe that this steak is from the round area of the cow. It is from the area of the round that is close by to the tenderloin section of the animal. This mean that even thought it is a round steak, it may be one of the most tender round steaks. As you move towards the back of the cow, the meat gets tougher. Since it’s more tender, I can get away with using a dry cooking method (pan-searing), as long as I start off with a marinade.
Now when it comes down to fat. There isn’t a whole lot of marbling with this cut, but there was an area of fat that I found after pan-searing was hard to deal with, so I ended up with a little piece that I didn’t eat.

Click here for my recipe for pan-seared tip sizzler steak.

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